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Inclusive Mobility for students with disabilities: the platform launches

6 May 2021

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Testing of the platform

3 March 2021

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Final steps of development of the platform

28 January 2021

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Launch of EPFIME Research Report on Inclusive Mobility

13 November 2020

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EPFIME Research Report and development of the platform

26 October 2020

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Call with communication and accessibile design experts

10 July 2020

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Education Community Meeting

June 2020

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Inclusive mobility session @ AHEAD Conference

29 May 2020

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Inclusive Mobility project meeting EPFIME

21 April 2020

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EUA study visit in Flanders on Inclusive Mobility

21-22 November 2019

Research Report

Find the Research Report and other interesting publications here.

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Research Report

This report is a comprehensive report based on quantitative research, compiling feedback of 1.134 responses from students with disabilities, 114 higher education institutions and 23 ministries of Education across the European Higher Education Area.

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Recommendations and Good Practices

This booklet compiles the recommendations and good practices that were gathered based on EPFIME’s extensive research report.

The EPFIME project is a 2-year project co-funded by Erasmus+ KA3 Support to Policy reform "Support to the implementation of EHEA reforms - 2018-2020".

During this project, consortium partners and experts will examine in-depth the needs and expectations on inclusive mobility of national authorities, students with disabilities and higher education institutions across Europe, while focusing on how national authorities and higher education institutions can collaborate more strongly to ensure the quality and the transferability of support services for both incoming and outgoing students with disabilities in exchange programmes.


Outcomes of the project.

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Policy report

Publish a policy report on existing national regulations on Inclusive Mobility.

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Create a guideline on Inclusive Mobility to stimulate higher education institutions to implement a sustainable inclusive mobility strategy at institutional level.

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Online platform

Develop an online platform where everything is to be found about Inclusive Mobility for national authorities, practitioners, and students with disabilities.

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Policy recommendations

Publish policy recommendations to practitioners in Higher Education across Europe on how to implement a sustainable framework on inclusive mobility at European / national / regional / institutional level.

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Self-assessment tool

Create a self-assessment tool for national authorities and higher education institutions to monitor policies on Inclusive Mobility around Europe and compare their own policies, knowing easily where they stand.


Upcoming events and milestones of the project.

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    Spring 2019 - Spring 2020

    Research on Inclusive Mobility

    Research on across Europe, gathering feedback and expectations from all stakeholders (students with disabilities, Higher Education Institutions, Ministries for Education).

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    Spring-Summer 2020

    Final development phase of the platform

    The platform is being developed based on the inputs received from all stakeholders.

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    Autumn 2020

    Testing with end-users

    A testing round will be organised with end-users to test the new Inclusive Mobility website.

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    October/November 2020

    Report & recommendations

    Public release of the policy recommendations and the research report on Inclusive Mobility in Europe, together with a European framework on Inclusive mobility.

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    February/March 2021 (date to be confirmed)

    Launch of the website and final conference

    Public presentation of the EPFIME project and dissemination of its outcomes. The new Inclusive Mobility website will be live, replacing the current MappED! platform and extending its functionalities. Guidelines for HEIs and a self-assessment tool for HEIs and Ministries for Education will also be published at that time.

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How is this project related to MappED!?

The MappED! project was run between 2015 and 2017. As a result of that project we have the MappED! mapping tool. To date, this website and its corresponding app have been used to map the accessibility of institutions and their buildings. The EPFIME project will leverage the data collected throughout these years and will integrate it into its website. The moment the new Inclusive Mobility website will be live, it will replace the current MappED! and extend its functionalities.